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Ritek® XL Wall®

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Key Features & Benefits

Ritek® XL Wall®

Faster to build permanent formwork system with a quality sanded surface finish that optimises floor space because there’s no need to batten-out.

Ritek® XL Wall System Specification
XL Wall Panel Thickness Concrete Core Surface Density Typical Panel Weight
115mm 103mm > 220 kg/m2 20 kg/m2
135mm 123mm > 220 kg/m2 21 kg/m2
150mm 138mm > 220 kg/m2 23 kg/m2
165mm 153mm > 220 kg/m2 24 kg/m2
200mm 188mm > 220 kg/m2 26 kg/m2
Panel Components 6mm Fibre Cement Sheeting bonded to a Patented Composite Aluminium Stud with Galvanized Steel
Insert to Aluminium Spacer. All aluminium components and accessories are protected by chromate coating. Aluminium Spacer is protected by anodized
Internal Finish Set joints and apply a standard paint finish (Level 4)
External Finish SSet joints and apply a standard texture coating system finish

Panels can be custom specified to increase thermal and acoustic properties. Refer to the Ritek® XL Wall® System Design and Detailing Manual for
further information and fire ratings

Meets the relevant requirements:

  • AS3600:2018 – Concrete structures
  • AS3610.1:2018 – Formwork for structures
  • Deemed non-combustible according to AS 1530.1:2005 – Fire tests on building materials
  • NCC 2019 Vol1 & Vol2 – Building Code of Australia
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The Ritek® XL Wall System, are faster to erect than traditional brickwork. Saving days per floor on construction costs and market exposure. The system can be used for all internal and external walls. Ritek® XL Wall® System are highly durable and the sanded finish exceeds the strength of conventional plaster board to speed project completion. Our in-house drafting team custom specify the panels to ensure the Ritek® XL Wall® is delivered to your site pre-fabricated, and ready to install. Electrical and gas services can be cast in. Windows and fire doorframes can be pre-installed. Panels are stood in place, both vertical and horizontal reinforcement is placed as required and the wall completed by core filling the panels with structural concrete. A network of installer teams in conjunction with our onsite project coordinators enables efficient construction, with minimal down-time. The result is a straight and true, durable wall, which maximises floor space. Suitable for use in single residential, multi-story residential and commercial buildings as load bearing/structural walls up to 25 stories or higher in non-load-bearing capacities.