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New residential building Saltaire Apartments sits across from the iconic Cronulla waterfront offering ocean views and luxurious living.


The 10-unit project on Prince Street designed by Vic Lake Architects (VLA) is inspired by and has been built to capture the full awe of the sea.


Working to complement the natural setting, materials were chosen that can withstand coastal climates. The foundations of which was Ritek Wall Systems.


“With Saltaire’s close proximity to The Wall, a well known surf beach, we relied upon the plastic webbing and aluminium framing to resist corrosion from this harsh environment. A waterproof membrane was also applied to all exterior surfaces as an added precaution prior to the stone cladding being installed,” says Nicolas Papas, Architect, VLA.


The project designers were able to articulate the scale of the building quickly in the construction stage with the use of the Ritek Wall System.


“We were able to convey the size and grandeur of the project earlier in the project with Ritek than would normally be possible with other construction methods,” says Nicolas.


With such wide usage of the Ritek system across the entire build significant time and cost savings were made as the panels were pre-fabricated to the architect’s drawings and engineer’s specifications and delivered to site complete with an insulation layer bonded to the inside of the exterior facing panel allowing for a high thermal rating of up to R-value 4.8.


“In Saltaire, the insulated Ritek Wall System eliminated the need to install studwork with bulk insulation inside the exterior walls making for a thinner finished wall width, reducing the amount of waste and material handling onsite and affording the apartments every possible square metre within the building footprint,” concludes Nicolas.


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