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Ritek® X-Plus® Wall

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Key Features & Benefits

Ritek® X-Plus®

A fully non-combustible, faster to build permanent formwork system with a quality sanded surface finish that optimises floor space because there’s no need to batten-out. Delivers on your DtS compliance needs as well as delivering value through a finished wall system.

Meets the relevant requirements:

  • + AS3600:2018 – Concrete structures
  • + AS3610.1:2018 – Formwork for structures
  • + Deemed non-combustible according to AS 1530.1:2005 – Fire tests on building materials
  • + NCC 2019 Vol1 & Vol2 – Building Code of Australia
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INTRODUCING THE RITEK DtS NON-COMBUSTIBLE WALL SOLUTION   Ritek® X-Plus™ Wall delivers a high-performance, deemed non-combustible, premium permanent formwork system that is composed entirely of a mix of materials either tested to AS1530.1 or deemed suitable/exempt in accordance with the National Construction Code (NCC).   Tested extensively, Ritek X-Plus includes a specialised two-part metal accessory consisting of an anodised aluminium internal spacer and a galvanised steel insert for strength, durability, corrosion resistance and fire safety. This is then locked into the edges of an aluminium stud rail that is glued to a high-quality fibre cement lining, forming a complete, premium modular panel. As an interior and exterior wall application, Ritek X-Plus is ideal for applications where a premium finish is required. The quality sanded surface finish of Ritek X-Plus is ready for direct setting by finishing trades where a Level 4 finish is required, thus optimising internal floor space and saving time and money by eliminating the need to batten-out and plaster line internal walls. All Ritek wall systems feature innovative fibre cement technology for added reassurance of long-term structural strength and stability, as well as superior acoustic, thermal and fire ratings Our in-house drafting team creates custom shop drawings, and panels are manufactured to your architect’s specifications, meaning fire doorframes can be pre-installed, and electrical services can be cast in. Ritek X-Plus is delivered to your site prefabricated ensuring a quick, easy, and highly efficient install with minimal downtime. Installation of Ritek X-Plus is as per Ritek Design, Detailing and Installation Guide for Ritek XL. Accessories and installation methodology are the same for both products.