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Ritek XL Thermal Wall®

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Key Features & Benefits

Ritek® XL Thermal Wall®

Faster to build insulated permanent formwork system with a quality sanded surface finish that optimizes floor space because there’s no need to no need to batten-out. And it has an R-value of up to 4.8 with no need for additional insulation.

Meets the requirements:

  • + AS3600:2009 – Concrete structures
  • + AS3610:1995 – Formwork for structures
  • + AS 1530.4:2005 – Fire tests on building materials
  • + BCA 2016: Vol1 & Vol2 – Building Code of Australia
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The Ritek Thermal Wall® System is delivered complete with a high performance thermal insulation layer bonded to the inside of the panel. Saving valuable floor space. Ritek® Thermal Wall incorporates built-in insulation allowing for a high thermal rating of up to R-value 4.8. No need for additional insulation, framing and lining to achieve BCA compliance for wall fire, sound, and thermal performance. Our in-house drafting team custom manufacture the panels to your architect’s specification to ensure the Ritek® Thermal Wall is delivered to your site pre-fabricated, and ready to install. Electrical and gas services can be cast in. Windows and fire doorframes can be pre-installed. Panels are stood in place, both vertical and horizontal reinforcement is placed as required and the wall completed by core filling the panels with structural concrete. A network of installer teams in conjunction with our onsite project coordinators enable efficient construction, with minimal down-time. The result is a straight and true, durable wall, which maximises floor space. On time, on budget. Suitable for use in single residential, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings as load bearing/structural walls up to 25 stories or higher in non-load-bearing capacities The Ritek® XL Wall® System has been fully verified and is listed on ecospecifier.org the leading global source of sustainable development and life cycle assessed green product information